Where are the lessons held?

Lessons are held in our New York studio.


What’s the best way to schedule an appointment ?



How do you assess the students level ?

At your appointment, you’ll share the material you’re working on, and play a sample of your choice.


Should I bring my own instrument to lessons?

No.  We have a full upright piano, awaiting your music.


How much notice do I need to give, to reschedule a lesson?

Kindly message us at Contact

at least 2 days before your lesson.  Please include 2 preferred reschedule dates and times.


Will I need to purchase any additional materials

Yes.  Some of the material we’re currently using for beginners are:

Technical Exercises: A Dozen A Day Preparatory Book

Technical Exercises: A Dozen A Day Book 1

Michael Aaron Piano Course Grade 1

John W. Schaum Note Speller Book 1

John W. Schaum Note Speller Book 2


Do you have recitals?

Yes, if 5 or more students would like to participate in a recital.


My child is homeschooled, do you offer morning times?



What age does my child need to be, to take lessons?

Although most children are encouraged to begin at age 6, there are exceptions.  Children at heart have started or continued at age 90!

What’s important, is the students ability to press individual or multiple piano keys at once.  If every finger doesn’t bend, that’s ok.

Most importantly,  the students’ interest and commitment to focused practice is key; pun intended !