1st & 2nd,  WORDPRESS



It’s possible for a written word (such as “lorem”) to be content-less because a written word is simply a string of characters, and strings of characters by themselves don’t have meaning unless they are placed within the context of a language. The content of a written word isn’t the string of characters of which it’s comprised, it’s the meaning imparted to that string of characters by the language. For example, the string of characters “hablar” has no meaning until placed in the context of the Spanish language—if you don’t speak any Spanish, “hablar” has as much content as “lorem”.

But in music, the sound itself is the content. How could it be otherwise? I’m trying to imagine myself hearing your synth demonstration. I’m sitting and listening, and the synth begins producing sounds that “sound real” but don’t have any actual content? What does that mean? This is where I get hung up: how can I possibly not hear those sounds as music?